Friday, May 02, 2008

Fitba' Cash

Promotion to England's Premier League is worth at least £60 million , analysts say.

The Championship teams who win a Premier League place get £30m from TV rights, plus £5m from extra sponsorship and merchandising deals each season. Even those who are relegated after one season get £24m over the next two years, taking the total to about £60m. That is more than the Champions League, which can net English clubs £30m.

"There will continue to be significant investor interest from around the globe for English clubs, in part driven by the prospect of the financial revards and global exposure of the Premier League competition," said Deloitte's Sports Business Group.

English teams are amongst the most valuable football clubs in the world, according to a recent rich list. Forbes magazine this week named Manchester United the world's most valuable football club, worth £905m. Fellow Premier League title contenders Arsenal were third, valued at £603m. Liverpool are 4th Chelsea in eighth, Tottenham in 12th , while Celtic are the only Scottish team, in 20th place. Everton, West Ham, Manchester City and Aston Villa occupy places 21-24.

Support your local team - support the stock exchange .

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