Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Lying Press

The former and current UN weapons inspectors Hans BlixScott Ritter and Jerry Smith, as well as former CIA counterterrorism official Philip Giraldi, had all questioned the official narrative of what happened on April 4. Lexis finds these results for UK national newspapers:
‘Blix’ and ‘Syria’ = 0 hits
‘Ritter’ and ‘Syria’ = 0 hits
‘Jerry Smith’ and Syria = 1 hit
‘Giraldi’ and ‘Syria’ = 0 hits.
It is remarkable that, even after the deceptions of Iraq and Libya, journalists are so unwilling to report credible evidence challenging the US government’s version of events. This is made even more shocking by the fact that Trump has not, of course, been treated with the respect and deference usually reserved for US presidents. Rather, he has been subjected to a barrage of relentless and damning criticism. And yet, in response to his illegal bombing of a foreign country, the press has not only dropped its usual criticism, but showered Trump with praise while suppressing reasoned criticism.

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