Monday, September 18, 2006

Fitba' With a Conscience

Was in a pub last night and on the big screen was a Barcelona game and i noticed that their shirt didn't have the usual multi-national corporation logo emblazoned all over it but had the United Nations emblem . That aroused my curiousity so got the story of it here .
Shall we be seeing more of this by other football clubs ? Hearts with the Red Cross ? Celtic promoting War on Want or Oxfam ? Rangers , Greenpeace ? Hibs sporting the motif of Amnesty International ?
Who knows where it can all lead ?

( My first and most likely last football blog)


Piers said...

Rugby Football League with a class conscience? Castleford Tigers have GMB sponsorship:

Anonymous said...

I couldnt get seeing the game for Alan going on about their strip.It was like being at home with my partner jibbering.