Thursday, September 14, 2006

"They are killing us for money"

Not really well publicised has been the criminal toxic waste dumping disaster in the Ivory Coast , an example of the increasing trend to use poverty- stricken and corrupt- ridden Third World countries as refuse tips for the dangerous pollutants which would be otherwise too expensive to safely process and dispose of in the affluent ( effluent ? ) West .
The poisonous waste came from the ship, the Probo Koala, and has been found in at least 11 open-air sites which were dumped by a local company in leaking drums on open-air sites.

Early report had only 1500 people requiring treatment and 3 deaths but this has now risen to 16000 seeking treatment , 6 deaths and 23 hospitalised cases .

"It is a crime against humanity. They sold away the lives of the people of this country, for crumbs," referring to the belief that people employed by the state knew the products were toxic but were paid off to turn a blind eye.

"They sold off our health"

"They are killing us for money"

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