Sunday, September 10, 2006

They're Killing Our Old Folk

It seems that the Scottish Executive are intending to bring back free school milk that Milk-Snatcher Thatcher took away when she was the Minister for Education . Plans are also afoot to make the dining experience much more attractive for school students . Even organic food is planned to be included in the menu .

However , it is interesting to see how these future providers of labour power and source of profit are to be treated , compared to the treatment given to those who have lived beyond their usefulness to Capitalism and have now grown to be a supposed burden on the system .

From the same news-paper , a different page

" Hundreds of elderly people in Scotland are living in nursing homes which are failing to meet basic standards of care. A Sunday Herald investigation has revealed dozens of homes have been warned by the Care Commission over disturbing faults in the past 18 months, including restraint of residents and failure to meet nutritional needs and provide adequate fluids to drink ."

A spokesman for Age Concern Scotland said that "...Malnourishment, under-hydration and inappropriate use of restraint are infringements of basic human rights and in some cases may be viewed as abuse.”

From the same newspaper , in the magasine

"...A recent report by charity Age Concern shows that six out of 10 older patients in England are at risk of malnutrition simply by being in hospital...Despite the constant scares about MRSA and hospital cleaning , malnutrition is the biggest danger for elderly patients. Age Concern reckons that UK-wide, £7.3 billion is lost because of it, a far greater problem than the much-publicised one of obesity. Over the age of 80, an individual’s chance of malnutrition is five times higher than in their 50s..."

Annette’s muted croak. “This food is disgusting. I’m not eating it.”...
...Betty, her 78-year-old neighbour , has a sardonic look on her worn, pale face. “I’m sorry to have to tell you, darling,” she says, “but they’re killing us in here – for fun.”

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