Monday, October 01, 2007

Football politics

According to the BBC , Arsenal managing director Keith Edelman is "relaxed" about Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov's interest in the club. Usmanov's investment company Red and White Holdings Limited (RAWHL) owns nearly a quarter of the club's shares.

Well , he shouldn't be relaxed . He should be worried . Very worried . As should all Gunners supporters .

Craig Murray , the ex- UK diplomat , has had his blog censored when Usmanov decided he didn't quite like the truth being told about his past and ordered in the lawyers to intimidate Craig Muray's web-site host .

Apparently, Usmanov doesn't like Murray accusing him of being a Vicious Thug, Criminal, Racketeer, Heroin Trafficker and Accused Rapist....that Usmanov is just a criminal whose gangster connections with one of the World's most corrupt regimes got him out of jail....that Usmanov's present role as chairman of Gazprom is to handle Gazprom's bribery and sleaze on the international arena on behalf of Putin , and the use of gas supply cuts as a threat to uncooperative Russian satellite states.

The censored biographical article can be found here

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