Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Blair's riches

 Tony Blair's fortune now stands at three times the amount he has previously claimed, at some £60 million - which includes 10 homes. Blair, who earns as much as £200,000 for a single speaking engagement, has previously insisted he is worth less than £20 million.

The former prime minister, his wife Cherie and older children Euan, Nicky and Kathryn, now control a property empire covering some 10 homes across England and worth in excess of £25 million. 
Mr and Mrs Blair jointly hold title deeds to a £7.5 million Grade II listed townhouse close to Hyde Park, the £1.7 million mews house behind it, and an £8 million Grade I-listed 17th century manor house, formerly owned by Sir John Gielgud, near Aylesbury, Bucks. Cherie and Euan, 31, own the £4.4 million Georgian townhouse in Marylebone, West London, where he lives with wife Suzanne. Mrs Blair and her son also own 24 rented flats spread across properties in Stockport and Manchester, and purchased under the name Oldbury Residential Limited. Aspiring football agent Nicky, 30, owns a £1.8 million four-storey townhouse in Marylebone, West London, while Kathryn's name appears on the deeds to £1.2 million mews house which backs onto Euan's home. Since 2008 the family may also have made gross profits of £1.6 million after selling three more London properties and former Sedgefield MP Mr Blair's constituency home in County Durham. The figure helps offset Mr and Mrs Blair's far larger mortgages with Lloyds Bank and JP Morgan, for whom Mr Blair works as a £2 million per year adviser.
His profit-making and philanthropic affairs are administered by Tony Blair Associates (TBA) under the auspices of The Office of Tony Blair. Established in 2009, TBA is the trading name for two principal companies, Windrush Ventures Limited (WVL), incorporated in 2007, and Firerush Ventures Limited (FVL), created in 2007.  WVL is the channel for Mr Blair's governmental advisory work, while FVL administers the funding of his work advising companies and sovereign wealth funds. WVL alone is valued at more than £17 million. 

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