Thursday, November 22, 2007

Give thanks - for what ??

Some food bank outlets said they would not be able to distribute turkey rations for Thanksgiving on Thursday, because their federal supplies of food had been cut by as much as three-quarters.

Stories of Amrerica's failure to provide adequate amount of food for its citizens have now reached the main media , although you heard it here first .

But just to go over old ground once more the BBC reports Over 1.3 million people, one in six New Yorkers, cannot afford enough food , that the number of people who use food pantries and soup kitchens in the city increased by 20% in 2007 .

The annual survey of food pantries and soup kitchens shows that more working families, children, and seniors are being forced to seek emergency food . 59% of New York's food programmes, up from 48% last year, said they did not have enough resources to meet demand.

The US Department of Agriculture says 12.6 million households nationwide, or more than 30 million people - 10% of the population - did not have enough food at some point in 2006.
According to the Independent Those earning $1million, $10million, $100million have more than doubled over the past decade and the wealthy of America are wealthier than most countries, with the top one per cent controlling $17 TRILLION.
But none of this wealth seems to have trickled down to the poor despite the promises from supply-side economists that it would.
Instead of charity - End poverty

Happy Thanksgiving

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