Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Mail Strikes

As promised , when the one day strike strategy failed to bring Royal Mail management back to the table to engage in meaningful talks , our union has escalated the strike action . To maximise the disruption within the business our union have now called for what they describe as rolling strikes - different sections of the industry walking out on different days so that the one-day strikes have a cumulative effect in delaying the mail . It appears to have been the choice of this tactic or one of geographical regional strikes . Perhaps that will be utilised in the future if Royal Mail management still refuse to negotiate .
We have already witnessed Alan Leighton secretly planning to jump the sinking ship - or should i say the ship that he has been foremost in scuttling - and returning to his earlier occupation as a shop-keeper .
As far north as The Shetlands the reason for this strike has become clear .
"What Crozier and co. want is to run the Royal Mail into the ground, then float it. A private equity company will pick it up, take it off the stock market for about three years, and then Airpost, Deutsche Post and TNT - the three big couriers - will carve it up between themselves...They want to drive Royal Mail into the ground and then it'll be taken over, ripped apart and not only will Britain lose that heritage but also the finest postal service in the world." -Paul Scarsbrook, local rep has explained , very clearly .
And from South Wales we read :-
The posties are one of the few lots left who, in an era of drearily, dutiful behaviour, won’t hesitate to declare strike action and rise to the challenges of “Down wiv ’em!” and “Everybody out!” ... our generally cheerful posties remain one of the last bastions of true socialist principles...

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