Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hippies and Diggers

Further to this forty years a band of non-conformists are reviving the Sixties spirit giving away everything free.

In a park in the west Coast city, the group has been gathering every month for a "Really Really Free Market." Here nothing carries a price tag. "No Cash, No Ads, No Barter, Everything is Free!"

Back in the spring of 1967, along San Francisco's Haight Street, a group calling themselves "The Diggers" opened several "free stores" to clothe the influx of flower children drawn to the neighborhood for the Summer of Love. No cash needed, just take what you need and leave the rest.Diggers cooked up huge stockpots of stew and baked bread in old coffee cans to feed the new arrivals in Golden Gate Park.They took their name from a short-lived 17th century movement in the English countryside which temporarily reclaimed land for the commoners, spurning all forms of buying and selling.

The spirit of the Diggers has found new life in the monthly market.

More on the original Diggers here

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